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A Conversation with SETH GORDON by Rachael Tejada.

"Get off your ass" and make a movie has not been a problem for filmmaker Seth Gordon, a two year veteran of Group 101 films Los Angeles. In fact over the past couple of years, Seth has been kicking ass on such projects as Universal Studios horror flick Cry Wolf, rock doc New York Doll, and most recently directing the upcoming documentary The King of Kong. Check out how making a movie a month helped get him into gear.

Recently, Rachel Tejada, co-founder of Group101 Films, chatted with
Seth about his new project.

101LA: Congratulations on your upcoming film that will be hitting theatres
soon. So exciting! Tell us all about it.

SG: It's a documentary called The King of Kong, about two grown men going for the Guinness World Record on the arcade classic Donkey Kong. It started as a sort of sports movie, following two very different competitors as they prepared for a head to head battle, but as
reality is often stranger than fiction, the story took a number of twists and turns as we followed it, and what we ended up with was full of surprises we could have never imagined at the start.

101LA: How did the 6 month grind of making a movie a month help you as a

SG: Group 101 was an essential organization for me. Group 101 forced meto get out and make a film every month. A few friends and I shot this Kong almost entirely on our own, with cameras and mics that any film student could afford. I credit Group 101 with leading me to believe the essential ingredient for storytelling is the story, not the studio, not the fancy financing, not a cast of recognizable actors. If I hadn't been in the habit of making a film a month for Group 101 I wonder if I would have just gone for it like I did when this story emerged.

101LA: So tell us what's coming up next for you?

SG: Kong has led to a handful of exciting opportunities for me in the
studio world. It's being remade as a narrative feature by New Line and I have been hired to direct that. Very much a dream come true. In addition I have been hired on two other films, one at Sony and the other at Dreamworks, which are presently in development and anticipating production before the upcoming strike. While I've been working on projects for years now, it has been really interesting to watch the response a single piece can get, and how that can open up many opportunities; to me Kong is the most recent project I care a lot about, but all of a sudden it's the one getting a chance to get out into the world.

101LA: So cool! Thanks so much for chatting and congratulations again
Seth! Looking foward to catching King of Kong in theatres. Also, check out Seth's upcoming interview with Elvis Mitchell of KCRW's "The Treatment" airing this August.