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Of course Group101's "Get Off Your Ass" mantra was a perfect match for Punk Rock's DIY bent. It just took one co-founder and one punk rocker in a mosh pit to figure it out.

In 2003 Rachel Tejada was working as an editor/promo-producer for Playboy TV when she was asked to go on a worldwide tour with the punk band RANCID as their behind-the-scene videographer.

Tim Armstrong, member of Rancid, Operation Ivy and the Transplants, knew of Rachel's involvement as co-founder of Group101Films and had come to one of our screenings at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. He was very impressed with the group's overall determination toward the movie-making process and excited to have Rachel bring our "no-excuses" attitude out on the road. So she packed up her laptop and cameras and was ready to hit the road, having no idea of what she was getting herself into.

Now, after shooting over 100 live shows, traveling to over 10 different countries, and logging many many hours of tape stock, there's a DVD of it all: “Give Em the Boot”, distributed through Hellcat Records/Epitaph. Check it out.

Maureen Timpa Hendricks spent a morning with Rachel recently:

MTH: Tell us how you went about covering the tour. What resources did you use? What people?

RACHEL: Before going out on the road, Tim Armstrong and I sat down and discussed what type of footage we wanted to get. One film that kept coming up in our discussions was the concert documentary Woodstock, mainly because the film does a great job of capturing both the musical and the human side of this huge event. Researching different types of documentaries helped put me in the right mindset for covering the tours.

The main camera I shot with was the Panasonic DVX-100. I think by the end of the tour I had logged over 300 hours. It definitely held up under very extreme conditions, from snow to humidity to the mosh pits of rioty punk rockers. However, this wasn’t my only camera out on tour. I actually traveled with 4 other mini-dv cameras of different CCD sizes, and would strategically place them around the stage during the live performances.

On a daily basis, one of my main jobs was to hunt down a little video crew for the night. Usually it would be crew members that worked at the venue or friends of the band, who in more than one situation had some video production experience - lucky for me. On the European tour I recruited our truck driver as one of my regular camera operators and he did a great job. I definitely wouldn't have gotten some amazing shots without him. Thanks Malcolm!

MTH: How did your background with Group101 help get it done?

RACHEL: I definitely feel that the Group101 mentality of “Get Off Your Ass” really helped me get through the tours. By the time I hit the road, I was already prepped for being a one-man crew! But really, my background kicked in because I knew that this was such a great opportunity and that there were many resources around me, I just had to work them to my advantage, very much like in the world of Group101 filmmakers.

MTH: You continued to make shorts while on tour. What where they about?
Who participated? How did you manage to get that done?

RACHEL: Yeah, we also made little short shorts on tour with the band and crew as actors. Tim liked saying that we were doing Group101 films, but on crack! Because we would get up in the morning and shoot the footage and then the band would have a full day of press or signings, followed by them performing later that night. After the show we would go back to the hotel and edit the film together to show the rest of the band/crew. It was great!!

MTH: What's next for you?

RACHEL: Well, I just recently got back to LA from being on tour all summer with the Transplants, where Tim Armstrong and I shot and edited little short segments everyday to be posted on their website. My current plan is to continue working on a feature length horror script I have in the works, which I hope to have done by the beginning of next year, as well as get off my ass and make some fun short films during this new wave of Group 101 Films.

MTH: Well welcome back, we missed you!

RACHEL: Thanks! It's great to be back!