Group101 co-founder Jeff Consiglio edited the Oscar-Nominated doc, WARDANCE.
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Collaborating with ad agencies across the country, fledgling commercial directors shoot a new spec spot every month at Group101 Spots. Now in NYC too.
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"Get off your ass" and make a movie has not been a problem for filmmaker Seth Gordon, a two year veteran of Group 101 films Los Angeles. In fact over the past couple of years, Seth has been kicking ass on such projects as Universal Studios horror flick Cry Wolf, rock doc New York Doll, the wildly successful documentary The King of Kong, and now the feature film, FOUR CHRISTMASES. Check out how making a movie a month helped get him into gear.

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Starting with five filmmakers and a crazy idea in the year 2000, Group101Films grew to over 750 filmmakers and spread out with distant chapters worldwide. We created over 4000 short films and sent them into theaters and on televisions around the world, and fine tuned the skills of many award-winning filmmakers.

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Ovation Award
Mark Romanek
Created by Group101Films to honor those whose independent spirit has translated into great success, and who inspired us to get off our asses and keep shooting, the OVATION Award was presented to Keven Smith, Mark Romanek and Joel Zwick at our annual Gala Events.

Our entire global collective created hundreds of horror shorts for AMC TV.

Our DISTANT CHAPTERS operated in cities around the world, including Pakistan, London, Winnipeg and Copenhagen.
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