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Group101Films is currently not accepting registrations. Upcoming registration periods will be announced here an via our newsletter.

Group101Films members commit to creating one short film per person per month for six months. When you join you are considered the primary filmmaker responsible for the creation of your film. Actors, DP's, writers, editors and all others interested in participating in our member films can post a message or submit their info via the COLLABORATE link above.

First timers and seasoned professionals alike are invited to join. You need nothing but the commitment to excel in productivity and grow your filmmaking skills. You will write a STATEMENT OF INTENT outlining why you wish to join and what you wish to accomplish, and your progress throughout the six month session will be gauged according to that statement.

We give you no equipment, no time, no money, and no whine allowance. Then we drop you into a pool of fellow filmmakers in the same boat. We give you all the motivation and peer pressure you can stand, a ton of resource information and some valuable rewards for sticking it out and delivering your best work. You provide the commitment and creativity, and six months later you have six great new films in your library.

You must live in the Los Angeles area to participate in the LA groups. If you're located outside of LA you can either join one of our current distant chapters or start your own with our help.