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It's all about destroying inertia.

In January 2000, each of the six founding members of Group101Films committed to making one short film per month for six months, regardless of professional and personal schedule conflicts or funding problems or even general whining, however dramatic the particular whine might be.

We embraced the new digital filmmaking technologies along with the humbling realities of conceiving, writing, casting, rehearsing, shooting, and editing within a four week period with no funds, no studio, no time, and little or no crew, all the while maintaining our own working careers. And we embraced the reality of doing it again and again, every 30 days.

Six months turned into a year, then two, and by the end of 2004 nearly 600 filmmakers had joined the collective in chapters around the globe.

Our members shoot everything from miniDV to 35mm film, edit on laptops at Starbucks and on million dollar workstations at major studios, and cast everyone from their roommates to faces you know.

Few of our films have cost more than $250 to make from concept to completion. Most of them are good, but some have been disowned by the filmmaker immediately after the monthly meeting.

We are sworn to secrecy about them.



Each month begins by assigning a theme and technical parameters as a creative launching pad. Every member then dives into the next 29 days to create a film based on this common seed.

We reconvene at the end of the month and screen our finished projects for each other in a closed setting - no audience but our own ruthless peers. We workshop every film by discussing what worked and what didn't, how to light a room on $12 and the creative benefits of sleep deprivation.

Then we assign a new theme, get up the next morning and start all over again.